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Fully Booked 

The Art Of Non Fiction
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During 2016, in the UK, the sales of non-fiction books grew by nine percent and the sales of novels fell by seven percent – the most recent example of a ten year, publishing industry trend in terms of income generated and copies sold. Non-fiction is worth over 50 percent more to the UK book business than fiction – £884 million compared with £525 million in 2016 – yet in terms of classes or online courses this mainstay of the book business is woefully underrepresented. Hence Fully Booked: The Art Of Non-Fiction.


With 21st Century publishing companies seemingly less devoted to developing talent or exploring ideas, the inspiration for a non-fiction academy came from best-selling author Lloyd Bradley, in response to a surprising amount of book-related requests for advice from friends and friends of friends. It seemed a vast cross-section of potential authors, from those with specialist knowledge but no writing experience to veteran magazine journalists, balked at the thought of 90,000 words. They were looking for help as regards their books or book ideas, but found nothing on offer.  


Furthermore, in this everso modern world of e-books, agents and self-publishing, the courses and workshops had to cover more than merely planning, structuring and writing, they had to embrace what came next. Lloyd teamed up with award-winning designer Joel Chernin and drew on publishing industry contacts to assemble a range of guest speakers to cover all aspects of the writing and publishing industry as it might affect Fully Booked’s latent authors.


Why The Art Of Non-Fiction? Because, quite simply, it is an art. To make a work of non-fiction understandable, enlightening and entertaining – the book that readers will recommend –  requires a degree of creative thought and writing skill equal to any to novel. The art is to make the book engaging as well as useful, even if it’s a book of lists or an instruction manual. The creation of your work of art is a process Fully Booked respects as much as we would if we were dealing William Shakespeare. We take non-fiction very seriously, because we know our students and their readers do too.

Finally, Fully Booked won't promise you'll get your book published, but we can guarantee it will be a much better book.

Fully Booked
The Art Of Non-Fiction
Est. 2017
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