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Classroom Courses

Non-Fiction First: The Basics of Writing & Creating Non-Fiction Books

Second Home London Fields

Six two-hour classroom sessions covering the essentials of non-fiction writing

Main lecturer: Lloyd Bradley. Guest speakers: Joel Chernin; Hannah Knowles

Total involvement: four to five hours per week

Prerequisites: A good idea for a non-fiction book; an enthusiasm for books in general

Class size: 15 students

Course fee: £250.00

You have a great idea for a non-fiction book – a life story, a coaching manual, a travelogue, an cookery book … anything – but you’re not sure how to progress it. Non Fiction First will give you the start you need to make those decisions. The six sessions outline all aspects of bringing your idea to the page so that both author and reader to get the absolute most out of it. The course sets out a comprehensive and sequential path from your book’s conception to looking for a publisher or printing it yourself, discussing what you’ll need to put into it and what you can hope to get out of it.  

Next course: Tuesdays; October 15 to November 19;  19.00 - 21.00

Second Home London Fields: 125–127 Mare St, London E8 3SJ

Write That Book: The Complete

Non-Fiction Author Experience

Ten two-hour classroom sessions, covering all aspects of non-fiction writing

Main lecturer: Lloyd Bradley

Guest speakers: Joel Chernin; Hannah Knowles; Matthew Hamilton; Valerie Brandes

Total involvement: five to six hours per week (including class)

Prerequisites: Reasonable writing skills; a good knowledge of subject

Class size: 15 students

Cost: £750.00

You have substantial knowledge of a subject or person and want to write a book about it or them; you might be looking to create a training manual or lifestyle advice book; or put together an encyclopedia or a guidebook. You might be a first time author, a seasoned journalist or an experienced teacher considering writing a non-fiction book. It could be for personal enrichment, for self-publishing or to pitch to the publishing industry – with or without an agent. In any of these situations, and a good many more, Write That Book: The Complete Non-Fiction Author Experience will give you the knowledge and skills to put you at the top of your game and create the best work of non-fiction you can.

Next course early 2020

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