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Editing, One-on-One Coaching,
Publishing Advice, Mentoring …

... whatever you might need assistance with. Wether it's attention to your work of non-fiction's structure, design or tone; or getting a proposal perfect; or looking over a first draft manuscript  … any aspect whatsoever of your non-fiction authorship, Fully Booked: The Art Of Non-Fiction is here to help. Whatever individual assistance or advice you may require to move your non-fiction project forward, Fully Booked’s consultancy service will be there for you.

Every request for consultancy is unique, in terms of time involved and interaction required, they will be priced accordingly, however your initial request is on us - see form below. If we can satisfactorily answer by email at that point, great, if not we we’ll assess your needs and be back in touch to suggest a course of action.

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Don’t be afraid to ask.

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